Perfect Sunday for indoors sports!!!

The bad weather on Sunday morning kept us inside to watch 2 competitive games and a “friendly”.

Girls U17: KHC vs Phoenix 20-15

KHC is first after winning its second game of the campaign.  KHC beat against Phoenix 20-15 on a close match. The whole game was all about Phoenix’s defence trying to contain Raquelle Ciantar. It worked during the first nine minutes of the game. However, Raquelle Ciantar seemed unstoppable, hence the 12 goals.

Girls 20: La Salle vs KHC15-37

KHC started the season with a win over La Salle 37-15. KHC went into half time with a healthy 9-18 lead, before also enjoying the better of the second half. Leading scorer, who else, Karren Zammit with 10 and following by Kira Wreft with 8.


KHC had an easy game against KHC veterans and youth. During the game, KHC coach had the opportunity to give time to young players and try different game systems. The fans were pleased to see KHC playing with flying goalkeeper!!! It seems they are preparing something big.

Saturday’s Game

Aloysians vs KHC 23-23

KHC drew against Aloysians, 24-24. Aloysians held a two-goal lead at the break with the score at 10-8. However, KHC clawed back that advantage to ensure it finished all square. Abdul Karim Kasem head of the scoring charts with thirteen goals. Despite the draw KHC remain on top, with Aloysians.

Well done to all players and coaches!!!

Hope to see you all tonight at the Quiz Night!!!!!

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