Match reports

KHC overcomes five-goal deficit to reach the second place

In an amazing finish, where Luxol….

And the Journey begins!!!!!!

After many years of hard work…..

A KHC with two faces!!!

Playing against Phoenix is never easy….

KHC take a stressful win over Aloysians!!!!

KHC started faster as expected but run out of energy in the second half to win by 3 goals.

Perfect Sunday for indoors sports!!!

The bad weather on Sunday morning kept us inside to watch 2 competitive games and a “friendly”.

KHC lost against Aloysians Sixt after thriller!!

A misunderstanding between KHC players in the last seconds gave Aloysians Sixt their third win in the MHA Cup.

Ladies take a confident win over Phoenix and Men had first win despite rocky first half.

Our ladies did their duty against Phoenix. The Ladies were determined……

A weekend against La Salle

Congradulations to our teams for their great effort during the weekend against La Salle

Independence Cup

Congradulations to both of our team for reaching the final round

Super Cup Final

They continue  from where they left it our ladies. Great improvment for our boys….