Ladies take a confident win over Phoenix and Men had first win despite rocky first half.

Ladies: Phoenix vs  KHC 20-37

Our ladies did their duty against Phoenix. The Ladies were determined to finish the game early hence, the 7-0 in the first 10 minutes. First half finished 23-10 for KHC which gave the opportunity to coaches to try the younger players. Special mention to Karen Zammit, who finished the game with 6 goals!!!!  Once more Daryl Azzopardi lead the score board with 8 goals following by Irene Drugovic with 6 goals.

Men: Hamrun VS KHC 26-34

In an extremely high-scoring start to the match, the score was close. Most of the time, Hamrun were leading by one goal. However, as KHC managed to stabilise their defence, they soon got the upper hand and first half finished 15-17. Our men continued their dominance in the second half for the final 26-34. Matthias Caruana was the first score with 8 goals following by Luigi Rizzo with 7.

In the other games:

Men: HMS vs ETE/Valletta 20-25

Our youth and veterans had a good game against HMS. However, careless mistakes and tiredness towards the end of the game lead to a defeat against HMS.

Girls U-17: La Salle vs KHC 8-18

Our girls started the season where they left it last year, with a win against La Salle.

Well done to everyone and keep up the good work…

None of us is as strong as all of us!!!!

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