KHC take a stressful win over Aloysians

Aloysians vs KHC 19:22 (8:14)

KHC started faster as expected but run out of energy in the second half to win by 3 goals. KHC defence worked well in the first half as Aloysians scored only 8 goals. Emma Xuereb had an amazing first half with 4 goals.

Despite the good start, Aloysians manage come back within the first 10 min of the second half. The score was 16:14, when Daryl Azzopardi decided to step up to increase the gap to 5 goals. When everyone though that the game was over Aloysian for one more time close the gap to one goal eleven minutes before the end.

Two critical saves from Ilenia Gatta, and 2 goals from Karen Zammit towards the end of the game secured the win. Special mention to Irene Drugovic, for one more game was orchestrating every attack.

Well done to our girls and Aloysians for the great game. We were glad to see Aloysians fighting until the end. A healthy completion is better than no competition.  

Keep up the good work ladies and coaches.

You can check the latest results and table.

1 thought on “KHC take a stressful win over Aloysians”

  1. Great & intense game. Excellent performance by Kavallieri girls who managed to battle it out and defend their lead throughout the whole game.

    PS. Karen spelt with one ‘r’

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