Experience of a life time- KHC U15/U17 Live in 2019

What is better than having a weekend full of handball trainings with friends and family. For one more year KHC made U15 and U17 players’ dream to come true. KHC Live in 2019 has nothing to be jealous of Hungarian or Spanish training camps.

Now a days, for a club to be successful must bond in and outside the court. So, Live in 2019 started with team building activities where new and old players get to know each other.  After the activities, the young players had the chance to experience what it feels like to train late at night, like most of the senior teams in Malta

Their reward for their hard work came early in the morning from Bela Grundmann. What better way to start the day than Tabata workout. Tabata is one of the most common HIIT workout. It consists of eight rounds of 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds or rest, for a total of four minutes. For more information contact Bela Grundmann.

After, Tabata workout they had training with their coaches to get ready for next week games. Boys with Luigi Rizzo and girls with Emma Xuereb and Irena Drugovic.

Live in 2019 was not just for the young players to improve their handball skills but for the coaches to improve their relationships with the players. In KHC we believe a great coach should be a great listener, so after the lunch on Saturday, coaches and players discussed any issues within the team and what players expect from their coaches.  

The biggest handball surplice came in the afternoon. Daniel Tanti one of the best goalkeepers in Malta, if not the best, gave a session for goalkeepers. Special guests such Daniel are very important for both players and coaches. Players had the opportunity to train with one of the best players in Malta and coaches had the chance to take notes how to improve their training sessions.


The day closed with a relax activity. After dinner players wore their Sunday best and went to St Julians for bowling!!!!!

On the final day, players and coaches had the chance to show what they have learned during family friendly.  The Live in 2019 closed with Handball Quiz!!!!!!

Thanks, and well done to all participants. Also, many thanks to Ilenia Gatta Emma Xuereb, Irene Drugovic, Bella Grundmann, Luigi Rizzo and Erica Grima for the amazing experience and dedication towards the club. You are the unseen heroes of the club!!!!!

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