About US

True People, Through Sports

Our Mission

The Kavallieri Handball Club was founded in the year 1996 and the Club and is main objective is:

To offer Maltese athletes interested in the game of Handball the possibilities of ameliorating both their skills in the sport but also to promote the values associated with sports education – (particularly that of becoming better citizens)

Our History

Kavallieri Handball Club first took part in the league during the 1996/1997 season. Julian Xuereb was in charge of turning several friends into a handball team. The following year Kavallieri merged with Pembroke Athleta and participated in the league with two teams, Kavallieri Athleta and Kavallieri Balzan. In that year they also set up the ladies team which participated in every season from then on. Although not always rosy with the number of players increasing and decreasing all the time, Kavallieri gave a good account of themselves for two further seasons until 2000/2001 season when they merged with Methode Electronics.

The season before they continued to consolidate themselves and now have two teams in the men’s leagues (Promo and Senior) and two ladies teams. Kavallieri Handball Club won the Men’s Knock Out in 2006/7 and in 2008/9. The club also recently had several successes at juniors both in the girls and boys categories by winning consecutive leagues. This season the club also won the Men’s Promotion League.

Our Core Values

Main is objective is to develop our players to: