A weekend against La Salle

Saturday’s game

KHC ladies vs La Salle 37:30

KHC sneaked past La Salle after it was behind the score by two goal at half time. Our Ladies turn the game around in the first 10 minutes of the second half. Leading scorer for KHC was Daryl Azzopardi with 11 goals following by Irene Drugovic with 8. KHC and Phoenix both have two points, with KHC in first spot, ahead of Phoenix on goal difference.

Sunday’s game

KHC Men vs La Salle 23:30

La Salle men retaliated for the ladies’ defeat. La Salle got in the game more determined than KHC hence the 4 goals difference in the first 10 mins.  KHC manage to reduce the gap to 2 goals 10 min before the end but a two minutes suspension to Matthias Caruana helped La Salle to increase the difference to 6 goals. The difference remained until the end of the first half.  Leading scorer for KHC was Daniel Nedelijkovic with 8 goals

On another note, KHC U-17 beat La Salle 34-22 and ETE/Valletta lost from Phoenix 47-11.

Good luck to all our teams and all the best boys and girls!!!!

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