A KHC with two faces

MHA Cup KHC vs Phoenix 22:34(7:10)

Playing against Phoenix is never easy. The two teams were inseparable due to good defences and many spectacular saves from the goalkeepers. However, a suspension to Milos Vojinovic and 3 penalties missed helped Phoenix to finish the 1st half with 3 goals lead.

Unfortunately, KHC left the good performance in the changing rooms. The advantage for Phoenix grew to 10 goals in the first 5 mins of the second half. KHC made a lot of mistakes and Phoenix took advantage to increase the gap. We are happy with our players performance and we know that the result doesn’t reflect the quality of our team.

Girls U15
Girls -15

In the other games, ETE/Valletta lost from Luxol 29-20, but we were pleased to see that ETE/Valletta was fighting until the end.

In the younger leagues Boys U15 won against Phoenx and Girls U13 won against La Salle. Well done to all the players and coaches!!!!

Latest results and table can be found in the link.

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